As an athlete you train.  You train your mind and you train your muscles.  You strive for maximum potential and ultimate performance.  Every athlete needs that edge.

Halotherapy is that edge.


indoorsportsHalotherapy helps train your lungs.  The aim of Salt Therapy as an adjunct to your training program is to increase lung function and breathing capacity. Once you optimize your breathing and lung capacity you can achieve greater performance, using less breath. You will have more air reserve giving you more stamina to achieve your goals and get you that edge.

During training athletes often encounter exposure to airborne allergens and other unwanted inhaled particles causing inflamed airways and air flow obstruction.

These lead to poor breathing patterns which can:

  • Reduce stamina and performance
  • Increase the likelihood of injury in training and competition
  • Increase the production of lactic acid and subsequently leave the athlete with residual muscle soreness
  • Increase dehydration
  • Increase the occurrence of cramps
  • Greatly increase recovery time
  • Limit gaseous exchange in the lungs
  • Elevate the heart rate
  • Increase anxiety
  • Decrease concentration
  • Deplete energy levels
  • Contribute to poor sleep patterns

You can remedy this using dry salt aerosol therapy or Halotherapy.

Clinical Trials have shown that Halotherapy is effective:


  • To clear mucous from the airways thus removing airflow obstruction
  • To enhance the mucous clearance mechanism in both asthmatic and healthy subjects
  • To maintain clear airways
  • To provide anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects in the whole respiratory tract
  • To reduce bronchial sensitization and improve lung function
  • To help clear unwanted, inhaled particles from respiratory tract
  • To complement the immune system in warding off colds and flu

Use Halotherapy as a complement to your training routine
and induce better lung function, improve performance, and prevent and treat underlying respiratory weaknesses.