A unique and natural approach for relieving the symptoms of respiratory complaints, dermatological illness and allergies including:

  • chronic bronchitis*
  • sinusitis*
  • acne
  • breathlessness*
  • improving mood
  • chest tightness*
  • tonsillitis*
  • ear infections
  • neurodermatitis*
  • pharyngitis*
  • ADHD
  • allergies*
  • eczema*
  • cough*
  • mucus plugs*
  • asthma
  • wheezing*
  • mucosal edema*
  • bronchitis*
  • insomnia
  • cystic fibrosis
  • rhinitis*
  • colds/flu*
  • snoring
  • psoriasis*
  • secondary smoke related symptoms*
  • frequent acute disorders of respiratory tract*
  • healing of the skin after surgery
  • multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome*
  • industrial and household pollutant allergies*
  • respiratory infections*
  • pneumonia after acute stage*
  • bronchiectatic disease*
  • smoker's cough*
  • emphysema
  • improving lung performance for musicians, athletes, and singers
* Effectiveness for these conditions are estimated up to 98% according to the clinical study "Halotherapy for Treatment of Respiratory Disease," published in the Journal of Aerosol Medicine, Vol. 8, Number 3, 1995

In the Media

Dawn Paletta of the Salt Room in Peachtree City and Fayetteville, GA

Dawn Paletta, founder of Salt MedSpa, appeared on page 65 of Fayette Woman magazine. The article chronicles Dawn's search for alternative approaches to helping her clients, her discovery of salt therapy, and the creation of Salt MedSpa in Fayette County. You can read the full article here.

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Salt Room in Peachtree City and Atlanta Georgia Testimonial “After having the flu in November, I kept a chronic cough for weeks.  I went through two bottles of cough syrup and a lot of Mucinex.  After the first session, I slep soundly without taking cough medicine.  The second session brought even more relief and I didn't need cough medicine at any time.  I've had only a productive cough that seems normal and can hardly believe how quickly I felt better.”

 - Janet


Salt Room in Peachtree City and Atlanta Georgia Testimonial My family and I love this place! My daughter and I went for the first time with a persistent cough, but after just one treatment the cough was gone. I can't recommend this place enough to anyone looking for a more natural holistic treatment approach. My children have not had to go to the pediatrician all winter, and I believe that the Salt MedSpa is the reason. On a side note, the facials are also by far the best I've experienced

- Rachael, Eddie, Adelene, Caden